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Neighborhood Food Tour in Chicago

Tour Highlights

Chicago Neighborhood Walking Tours

A tour designed to hit some of Chicago’s must-eat items could certainly include a taste-test of the world famous Chicago-style hot dog or Italian beef, plus an opportunity to try other favorites of Chicago locals like locally-made chocolate or popcorn. These tours are usually focused on The Loop area of Downtown Chicago, with limited time to explore other neighborhoods.

Half-Day Tour: A half-day tour allows a great opportunity for you to take full advantage of Chicago’s fantastic food scene. You taste all of the must-eat dishes, as well as having time to try an iconic deep dish pizza, get behind the scenes at a local coffee roaster, and try some tasty desserts at a chocolate factory. This tour gives you a chance to truly craft your perfect Chicago tasting menu, from beginning to end.

Full-Day Tour: A full-day tour gives you the chance to explore Chicago’s foodie scene to its fullest. Explore the city’s legendary bakeries in neighborhoods around the city, and discover Chicago’s immigrant roots with incredible food with roots around the world, including Italian, Polish, German, and many more. Let your guide take you to his/her favorite candy shop in town, meet owners and hear the stories of restaurants that have been local favorites for generations, or try some of Chicago’s amazing craft beer from a local brewery. In between food stops, we show you the iconic historic and architectural sights of the city, you experience a wonderful variety of neighborhoods, and you get your fill of the city’s history, art, and culture.

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